Our Customers: Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables throughout Italy

Frida serves as an important link between fruit and vegetable producers and wholesalers throughout Italy. We are dedicated to bringing the excellence of the best fruits and vegetables available in the country, and to replenish retail stores, supermarkets and many other vendors. Over the years, we have gained customer confidence thanks to the quality of products we offer. We ensure that we purchase only the best fruits and vegetables directly from farms and offer carefully selected specimens, with our timely and rapid delivery service. You can rely on us for complete assistance to meet any kind of need you may have.

Quality and Service for Many Businesses

Operating from the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Casoria, Naples, we are positioned to select exemplary quality of fresh fruit, exotic fruits, dried fruits and vegetables directly from producers. We distribute these to commercial activities throughout the Italian territory. Facing ever-changing realities in the industry, we ensure that we are geared towards innovation and continuous improvement. Our customers include retail stores, supermarkets of various sizes, catering companies, schools, corporate offices and hospitals, as well as some major brands nationwide.

To request our services, contact us on +39 081 758 3071. We are at your disposal!

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